Featured Work


June 6th 2015 – Voice of America – Uganda President Challenges Free Speech on Social Media 

May 30th 2015- Care2 – Burundi On The Brink 

May 3rd 2015 – Care2 – Kenya Attempts to Close World’s Largest Refugee Camp 

April 30th 2015 – Voice Of America – Environmentalists Hope Green Steps Take Hold in Kampala 

April 10th 2015 – Voice of America – Uganda Prison Overcrowding Poses New Health Risks

March 27th 2015 – Voice of America – Uganda ‘Trumpets’ Vuvuzelas as New Tool to Deter Elephant Attacks 


Febuarary 16th 2015 – Voice of America – Wheelchair-Bound Players Challenge Uganda’s Perceptions 

Febuary 4th 2015 – The Africa Channel – Uganda Clamps Down on Wildlife Poaching 

November 25th 2014 – Dire Tribune – We’ve Lost Count of the Dead in South Sudan

September 24th 2014- Voice of America – Land Evictions Breed Violence in Oil Rich Hoima 

June 16th 2014 – Truthout – The Life and Times of War Criminal Bosco Ntaganda

November 10th 2013 – Living in Kampala – Uganda’s Ladies of Lipdub 

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